The Service Division specialises
in repairs to systems
manufactured by Daikin, LG,  
Fujitsu and more!

It has extensive staff experience
and capabilities in the service and
repair of all makes and models of
air conditioners including Split,
Multi split, Ducted and VRV

The Service Departments
objective is to provide superior
value and assistance to our
customers with the focus on
customer satisfaction, timely
service and quick response times
To ensure that the Service Department
provides a high quality of service the
following infrastructure in is place:

  • Strong Management and Quality

  • Administration and
    Communications Centre

  • Fully qualified technicians.

  • Regular training programs ensuring
    staff up to date technologies and

  • Procedures in line with Australian
    Refrigeration Council Guidelines

  • Established rapport with major
    industry suppliers.
The delivery of ongoing service quality to our customers is a major focus of our business and
we are constantly evaluating and improving in this area.

We understand that your air conditioning needs are vital, and our service and support
processes ensure that the effect of technical issues or faults, to your equipment, is minimal.

If a problem arises, we will take responsibility for fixing it, and escalate the issue until it is
This charter encompasses all areas of customer contact, from the first time you order a product from Icy Cool Air Conditioning Pty Ltd to the
provision of ongoing technical, customer service and repair related enquiries. The purpose of this charter is to provide our customers with a clear
understanding of what they can expect in terms of service performance and support as a Icy Cool Air Conditioning Pty Ltd customer.

Most importantly, this charter contains further information on our ongoing commitment to further improve service quality as a tier one total
Heating, Ventilation and Cooling provide.

Icy Cool Air Conditioning Pty Ltd aims to remain competitive in the HVAC industry by continuing to be a premium support and service provider. To
ensure we achieve this goal we have established the following performance objectives:

•  Customer Support Availability and Response
• 70% of all calls answered within 5 minutes
• Next day response time for critical issues.
• 5 business days response time for all non-critical issues such as servicing.
• 10 business days response time for all enquiries received by post or fax
•  Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance is a vital part of Icy Cool Air Conditioning  Business service operations and customer interaction. To ensure our continued
improvement in the provision of services and support, we have identified the following performance objectives:

• Complete compliance with Privacy regulations with all customer correspondence
• Ongoing training for all current staff to ensure  quality assurance standards are understood and applied
• Customer feedback is an integral part of the process of ongoing development and improvement.

Icy Cool Air Conditioning values customer feedback and encourages all customers to actively engage in communicating their suggestions,
complaints and positive feedback. If we fail to meet your expectations in any way or you would like to share your experience, we welcome the
opportunity to hear from you.
Service Department Charter