Icy Cool Air Conditioning Pty Ltd is an innovative company
that is finding quick success in the HVAC industry
specializing in the servicing, maintenance and repair of air
conditioning and heating equipment into domestic homes,
offices and commercial building.

Icy Cool Air Conditioning Pty Ltd was formed by a group of
individuals who have years of experience working in HVAC,
business management, who shared a common goal, ie to
provide high level quality service in a timely manner that will
surpass client expectations and found the only way able to
effectively achieve that was to form a company of there own.

Icy Cool Air Conditioning Pty Ltd has their own qualified
service and repair team on staff and have fully licensed
contractors (i.e. electrician,  involved in their repair and
maintenance programs.

Being ISO9002 Approved also provides Icy Cool’s clients
with the added reassurance that they will receive the highest
standard of professional service attainable.
Company Overview
Mission Statement

Icy Cool Air Conditioning aims to provide superior HVAC services and become and industry leader in
Brisbane by 2013 - sustained by standards of excellence in customer service and technical support to
protect and reassure our customers”
This focus of our business is
our commitment to you, as our
valued customer.

We understand that HVAC
services form an integral part of
both your personal and
business environment.

Our commitment is to provide
our customers with the best
quality service and support as
well as continual improvement
to both our performance and
Core Values & Focus
The Management Team

Icy Cool Air Conditioning Pty Ltd has a team
of professional management specialists that
have over 20 years experience in contract
management, logistics management, quality
management and service management. You
can be assured the experience and attention
to detail will leave you with full confidence in
our staff and company

The Service & Installation

Icy Cool Air Conditioning Pty Ltd has a team
of HVAC Service & Repair Technicians that
have extensive experience in the repair of
breakdowns with all major manufacturers
HVAC equipment.

We also have a team of professional installers
that are capable of any application.

With varying degrees of experience in
different applications, the Service &
Installation Divisions hosts some technical
specialists that you can rely on to provide
support and expertise in times of breakdown
or in your time of need for new air

You can rest assured that your air
conditioner will be in good hands and fulfill
your cooling and heating needs in a
minimum of down time during a breakdown.

Our Service Technicians & Installers will
provide you with the highest level of service
and courtesy.
Company Structure